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Thursday, May 22, 2014



I think I had as much fun naming this as I did painting it!

"I heard she really is a Natural Redhead . . ."

12 x 12 Acrylic on Canvas
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This is the second piece I've done recently where I have two trees in the background 'talking'.  Didn't even realize it until I went to title this one.  I think I might have a theme going here  :)  I'll put the other one just below this so you can it too.

"Say . . . who's the little guy?"

5 x 7 Acrylic on wood panel
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I am up in Wallace, Idaho (this week :) and recently I took myself out to a Restaurant up here (Been back twice since!).  It's a fairly new place called 'The Fainting Goat Wine Bar and Eatery.'  

Besides the food being excellent and the prices very reasonable, the decor is great.  I think you might appreciate the Creativity.  It's in an old Bank Building so the vault is now a Wine Cellar.  It's done in a sort of industrial rustic theme.  I took a few photos and the one I didn't get (which I will next time I'm there!) was the bathroom.  It's just fun. The sink is an old Wine barrel cut in half and epoxied on the inside so it doesn't leak.  It looks great and fits the decor so well.  Such a simple idea . . .

That's an old water trough cut to fit on, and around, the wall and then finished off with a wood top for a bar.

This is an old Mining area so the tables are made from old mining equipment.  Simple, but makes a definite statement.  Anyway, if you are in the area it is definitely worth a stop.  

45,000 of them crawling around in your head!!  

For those of you that aren't on my Newsletter email list that's what I wrote about this month  :)  (This months Newsletter just went out last night.)  And just so you know, they are not the ANTS you are thinking of!  (But, that's quite the visual isn't it!  :/ )  If you are curious you can Click  HERE  and then click on the May issue.  I think you might find it interesting.  I know I did when I first heard it.  It's amazing how our Brain works . . .

And, to repeat myself from my Newsletter, I hope that your Memorial day weekend is filled with new memories, new Joy, wonderful remembrances of special people . . . and, hopefully...


Thursday, May 8, 2014


Entree Gallery up in Nordman, Idaho opens for the Season this weekend.  As I think I mentioned last time they will be carrying my work again this year. :)  I brought all my Paintings up about 2 weeks ago but didn't realize they also wanted to carry my Jewelry  : /  so I've been busy working on that since I got back from our Washington 'home' (the RV :) on Monday.  I was able to get the Jewelry mailed off yesterday afternoon so it should arrive today, in time for the opening in 2 days.  I had several new Pieces done for my Show in Wenatchee (which wound up being cancelled at the last minute) but needed more.  Also, some Pieces needed to be different for Entree.  I don't know whether I over think things too much (well, actually, I know I do ~ really bad habit most of the time!) but depending on how the Jewelry is going to be displayed, makes a difference on what I like to send.  I feel Presentation really makes a difference in the sale of the work.  Some pieces just really need that Black Velvet Bust (like I use in most of my photos) to make the work stand out and some Pieces are fine and look great draped across a piece of Driftwood or a Glass Block.  I had too many of one kind . . .  :)  

Here are some of the new Pieces I did for Entree Gallery.  I'll put the link to each ones spot on my Website below it if you would like further information.  

                     Shima  (True Intentions)                                                 Adisa




                         The Angels Trumpet   (Sold!)                    Just Call me Fun!

            Just Call me Fun!:

There are several more which should make it to my Website over the next few days.

On the highway between Wallace and Mullan, Idaho there is a bright Yellow Fountain sitting all by itself in seemingly the middle of nowhere.  It was designed and built out of old Mining equipment by a gentleman whose name was Elmer Almquist.  It is therefore called 'Elmers Fountain'  :) The Fountain runs continuously all year round ~ even in the middle of Winter when it turns itself into the most marvelous ice Sculpture.  We seem to be always hurrying past so unfortunately I didn't think to stop and take any photographs until most of the ice was gone.  Usually it's frozen all the way to the top and you don't see any of the Fountain itself, just this magnificent ice creature standing by the side of the road.  (You'll have to use your imagination!) Below is one of the photos I took about 3 weeks ago.  The History of it is somewhat interesting so if you'd like to read more about it you can click on the link HERE.

Elmers Fountain

That's it for my Geography/History lesson for today.  Maybe it will inspire you to build your own Fountain or . . . then again, maybe not!  :)