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Thursday, June 12, 2014

'OH . . . HAPPY DAY !'


'Oh . . . Happy Day !'                                'To Market we go . . .'   

Mixed Media Collage on Wood Panel

These are two new pieces which just headed north to Entree Gallery in Nordman, Idaho.  A little different size for me ~ 6 x 12"  I enjoyed this format so have another set this size started.  I think I'll call this series 'The Backside of Life!'  :)

I have a Gallery Show opening on July 11th at Angel Gallery in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho so I am busy trying to get work done for that.  Below are some new Necklace Designs I've recently finished for the Show.  They will be accessible through my Website until about July 7th.  After that they will have to be purchased through the Gallery.  


Cherry Blossom Moon
More information on this Piece is available HERE

Royal Princess
More information on this Piece is available HERE
(A full size view of this is shown on my Website ~ just scroll down a bit when you get there)

Jwahir  (Golden Woman)
This Piece is not on my Website yet.  (It should be on by this evening)
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I am now back in Idaho full time.   Missing my Friends in Wenatchee but it's great to be closer again to Friends and Family here.   And, I don't miss that 4.5 hour drive each way if I wanted to come over here!   I think of the days when I traveled and did Art Shows around the country and didn't think anything of driving 8~10 hours in a day to get to my destination.   I always enjoyed the traveling to the Shows ~ it was the drive back home after the Shows that wasn't as much fun!  By then, you are tired and just want to be home.  :)


Sunday, June 8, 2014


Did you ever think later 'Why didn't I understand that at the time?'  Because, sometimes that little bit of Wisdom passes right by us without us even realizing it until later.  At least I know that has happened to me . . . Sometimes the lessons take a little time to arrive!  These figures are part of my WiseWalker series which is all about age and wisdom.

The WiseWalkers:  Sometimes Wisdom Passes Silently
18 x 24" Mixed Media on Wood 

For more information Please Click HERE

Two new Necklaces recently finished are below . . .

Black Magic Woman

More information can be found here on my Website

The Cats Meow

More information on this Piece can be found Here

If you remember, the last Blog I mentioned a great little Restaurant and Wine Bar in Wallace called the Fainting Goat (scroll down to read about it) and I included some photos.  I said the only one I didn't get was the Bathroom.  Well, I've been back since and did get a photo of the sink I mentioned ~ the one made out of an old wine barrel.  Photo is below.  :)

I decided I was going to start a Blog about our new adventure of building our home in Mullan.  I have it set up and titled but nothing posted yet.  I get a lot of questions about 'how's it going?'  so I thought this would be a good way to answer the question and at the same time keep a chronology about the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and what I sense is going to be a comedy of errors!  So, when I get it together I'll post a link on here and if you are interested you can Click on over.  :)

til next time . . .