Artist in Mixed Media Mosaic Collage and Jewelry

Saturday, July 27, 2013


'Sometimes you just want to be part of the Conversation . . .'

18 x 18  Mixed Media Collage
For more information on this piece, please click Here

I receive Blog updates on a daily basis from several Artists I know or whose work I like to follow.  Some are just postings of their latest work which is always great to see.  But some, not only have their latest work shown, but also have actual 'short stories' on their process, what they were thinking, where they may have learned the technique they used in that particular painting, what else is happening, etc. etc.  No matter which way the Blog arrives ~ naked or fully dressed ~ I learn something new from each and every one.  The only thing I'm not learning is how they (you) do it!!  I know life has to happen for all of you too . . . how do you manage to get even a small painting done everyday, never mind possibly blogging about it too? !

O.K. so maybe you are thinking I am spending too much time reading other peoples Blogs :) and that's my problem.  But , really, I'm not.  I only have 4 that come everyday.  But there are lots of daily painters out there ~ with or without Blogs ~ and I just wonder how you all do it.  I know the computer takes up a lot of our time these days with Websites, Blogs, Facebook, etc. but if you are reading this then we are all probably in the same boat.   I just want you to know ENVY is a big word here.  If you have any kind of magic formula for spending more time in the Studio and less with interruptions, please send some of that Pixie Dust my way.  I will be eternally grateful!

Above is the piece that I had on my Studio table during the 'Open Studio Tour'.  I had the background done and the chalk drawing but that was it.  As you can see, he is now finished.  (He isn't the only piece I did since then.  I did manage to get a few small pieces done along with a couple of new Jewelry Designs so I'm not quite that bad!)  

I actually introduced him officially today on my new Gallery Facebook page.  I've had a regular Facebook page which I have been very lax in participating in.  I hope to do better with this new page.  And yes, another reason not to have a paintbrush in my hand!  : /  But, if you are on Facebook, and you wouldn't mind, I would love it if you would like my new page.  It's under Charleen Martin Studio and I 'think' you will get there by clicking Here  .  When I test it it goes to my Admin panel but I think it's just because this is the home computer for my site.  Make sense?

Thank you for listening to me show my envy in public.  At my age you would think I would have that under control by now . . .


  1. I hear ya! ;) I will like your facebook page in a second! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
    Saludos from the Canary Islands

  2. Love your work. I do paint daily. Made a commitment to myself after a life altering experience but work does get in the way. Really though one has to let go of many things like house keeping and TV to keep on track. My works can take days to complete so I find I can keep my posts down a bit. Already liked your page! Oh and it is never under control. It is all about being good to yourself.

  3. I agree with the other respondents. I have to block out MY time to paint. I usually only get a few hours a day, but I try to paint 4-5 days a week. Email is my killer computer gremlin. I struggle to ever get anywhere close to caught up. I can keep the balls in the air if nothing else comes up, but how often does that happen. If I want to learn and improve I have to put the miles on my brush.

  4. Email seems to be one of mine too Sharon. I really try and limit it, but eventually I wind up spending more time it seems, catching up. I guess there is no simple answer. tims ... It's just one more thing we get to be creative with!! :)