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Sunday, August 18, 2013



and the lives of 10 other Artists from around the world.    When done here you can just click on one of the Artists links below and spend a day with them too.  I hope you enjoy your visits!

Up, showered and shaved (shaved??)  This is my 'To go' cup and Dodger and I are off for a morning walk.

This is Dodger.  He's my walking companion and studio buddy.  He's 12 pounds of  pure personality from a 'who knows what lineage'.  Whatever it is, it's given him the cutest Fu Man Chu mustache.  (You can barely see it in this photo).  And how can you resist those ears!

 We're off on our Walk . . .


This is some of what I see on my walks.  Unfortunately, it's not very exciting.  Our little neighborhood where we live is surrounded by Orchards (actually, everything in Wenatchee, Washington is surrounded by Orchards . . .) So, that's what I see when I walk.  Pears courtesy of the closest orchard ~ Sunflower courtesy of the local weed patch.  The other photo is of my neighbors yard which I walk past.  I know, you're wondering what's so special about this, right?  Well, as you can see, this is a very well cared for and manicured yard.  And this whole yard is COMPLETELY taken care of by my 86 year old Widowed neighbor.  She does the mowing, the trimming, the planting, the aerating (that thing you step on and it puts holes in your grass so it can breathe)  She does it all . . . alone.  My husband talked her into letting him mow once, recently, because the temperature was at the 3 digit mark.  She relented.  But, I know she won't make that mistake again because he cut it too short (for her).  She thanked him but he could tell she wasn't happy. . .

Home again . . . time to change cups and get a refill.  This is my favorite cup.  It was made by a potter friend of mine many years ago. (Hi Mel!)   It's one of those that fits your hand perfectly and has great balance with the bottom being just a little wider.  :)

Made myself a spinach omelet for breakfast.  Other mornings it might be just yogurt.  I'm not normally a big yogurt fan but I found this brand I really like called Chobani.  

Omelet and my Tablet both go to the Dining room table and while I eat I do a quick check of my emails.  I always tell myself I will get back to them later and answer the ones I need to.  Unfortunately, as more come in during the day, I forget to go back to the original ones and more often than not they do not get answered in a timely matter.  These are my personal ones . . . Business I am more prone to stay on top of.  Don't know why I feel like I can't take the time for myself to take care of personal business . . .  : /  Oh yes, caught up on my Facebook likes.  Well, as caught up as you can be when you haven't been on it in 5 days.  :(

Some days I get to eat breakfast with my husband.  He works nights and some mornings he's in early and some not.  Today is a Not.

more coffee . . .

Into the studio to work.  I have about 5 paintings in progress.  I usually have at least 2  because of the process on my collages so 5 is a lot even for me.  I'm on an Abstract journey right now and above is one of the pieces I'm working on.  At the moment I'm stuck and don't know where I want to go from here but so far I love the colors!

12 x 16 Mixed Media on canvas

Just put the finishing touches on this Abstract.  Sometimes we let life put us in a Box.  I think we do it to ourselves even though we don't like to take the blame.  

more coffee . . .

and . . . .hubby's up.  Time for lunch (which is really our dinner) because this is his main meal.  He'll stay up for a 'brief' time and then head back to bed.  I do not recommend this schedule to anyone  :(

Lunch . . .

I made the meatloaf yesterday so today it is Salad, leftover meatloaf and corn.  Corn is 3/$1.00 here.  I can remember when it used to be 10/$1.00  :(

Finished lunch.  Visited with hubby for a bit and then back to the Studio, but first . . . 

Working now on another Abstract.  It may not look like it but this one I do know where I'm going!  :)   Need to let this dry . . .

I have a Gallery Show coming up in 3 weeks in Coeur d'Alene, ID.   They like/want my 'Sisters'   pieces.  That's what I SHOULD be working on!

                                              But instead . . .

I did this small 6 x 6" Collage just so I could feel like I accomplished something. 

Definitely need . . .

It's now normal people dinnertime.  Hubby is up and we usually have . . .

  and  more     

and visit for an hour before he leaves for work.  He doesn't eat before he leaves for work because it makes him sleepy.

Kinda cute (for an old guy!) in his shorts don'tcha think :)  (you'll have to take my word on it since he's got his face covered!)  Believe it or not, that's an actual work uniform.  (No, not the helmet silly!)

I go back in and re-check emails, Blog, Etsy and Website activity and whatever else I might need to do on the computer for about an hour.  By now, Dodger is waiting patiently to go on another walk (He does get to go out in the yard during the day, just so you know . . .)

So, off we go.  And no . . .

this time.

This evening we walked past the Apple Orchard.   Sorry, I wish I could make this part more interesting  :/

 But, by the time we finished our walk the sky looked like this . . . Beautiful!

Came home and decided to do one 
more project which was to turn this . . .
           into this . . .
                                                             Green with Envy

Added it to my website and now . . .

I'm done for the day!  

Today was a fairly quiet day but I hope you enjoyed spending  some time with me.  If you've gotten this far I Thank you very much for the company.  

Now it's time for me to sit and relax and have one of these . . .

Sl`ainte !

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  1. Loved looking at your 'Day'and getting to know you too! Love the necklace!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great necklace, loved the peek into your day! Thanks for sharing. Seems artists all start the day by walking the dog!

    1. Hi Cindy . . . Thank you for your comments. And yes, walking our dogs is a great way to get us started for the day. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your life and day - I'm a huge fan of Chobani too! Passion fruit is my favorite and I didn't even know I liked that fruit (what is is anyway?) Husband thought it would be funny. Isn't life just great! I particularly like your Life in a Box 'cause it plainly isn't! Thanks again.

    1. Thank you Johnna. There are probably not too many of us doing this Blog that fit in any kind of Box :) And Johnna,they don't even sell Passion Fruit here! I feel cheated!

  4. Your dog is adorable! And I love your painting about not living life in a box. Very true.

    Your coffee picture popping up so many times made me LOL. Very funny.

  5. Sally . . . I thank you and Dodger thanks you! And guess what I just poured myself before sitting down to the computer . . . :)

  6. love your collages. They are beautiful. That's a lot of coffee. My husband worked a shift like your husband for years. Don't know how we survived that. Good Luck.

    1. Yes, it is a lot of coffee (as I sit here with my coffee cup!) Thank you for your note Sharon and your comment on my Collages :) Happy Painting!