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Thursday, August 1, 2013


For those of you that don't receive my Newsletter, I introduced this big Guy on my latest one 2 days ago. I thought I would re-post him here so you could see him too.  The 'very beginning of his being' was on my Easel when we did the Studio Tour last month.  


18 X 18 Mixed Media Collage
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In my June Newsletter I talked about a very "interesting' camping trip I took with my Granddaughter and her friend, and how 'what could go wrong, did go wrong.'  I included the a photo of the girls taken along Lake Wenatchee, a very beautiful spot north of where we live. A couple of weeks later my husband and I took 2 of our grandsons with us on a trip to the Coast.  Of course, since my husband was along there were no major mishaps to deal with.  (Like I said in the Newsletter, I knew it was a test all along!)

As I was going through the photos of the trip I realized that in almost all of the ones I took of the boys, they have a definite 'Do we have to do this' look.  (as you can see in the three above as versus the one of the girls).

The girls on the other hand, couldn't wait to pose and get in just the right position. You can't imagine how many times those Milk Shakes got moved around before I was allowed to snap this photo!  

I do know at some point it changes for the boys too ~ Nowadays you see too many Graduation photos with Boys posing out in the middle of Cornfields with their Guitars :) ~ a sure sign that lookin' good becomes important for them too. I just found it interesting that, as females, we catch on very early to the permanence and/or the importance of a camera!   :) 

By the way, if you are ever on Highway 2, just North of Leavenworth, Washington , be sure to stop in to the 59'er Diner.  That's where those Milkshakes came from. Good food, Great Milkshakes (they keep track of the thousands and thousands they sell each year and this is not a big place!) and the atmosphere is nothing but fun.  Strictly 50's ~  and all the Waitresses are named 'Flo'.  :)

Have a great day!

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