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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Did you ever think later 'Why didn't I understand that at the time?'  Because, sometimes that little bit of Wisdom passes right by us without us even realizing it until later.  At least I know that has happened to me . . . Sometimes the lessons take a little time to arrive!  These figures are part of my WiseWalker series which is all about age and wisdom.

The WiseWalkers:  Sometimes Wisdom Passes Silently
18 x 24" Mixed Media on Wood 

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Two new Necklaces recently finished are below . . .

Black Magic Woman

More information can be found here on my Website

The Cats Meow

More information on this Piece can be found Here

If you remember, the last Blog I mentioned a great little Restaurant and Wine Bar in Wallace called the Fainting Goat (scroll down to read about it) and I included some photos.  I said the only one I didn't get was the Bathroom.  Well, I've been back since and did get a photo of the sink I mentioned ~ the one made out of an old wine barrel.  Photo is below.  :)

I decided I was going to start a Blog about our new adventure of building our home in Mullan.  I have it set up and titled but nothing posted yet.  I get a lot of questions about 'how's it going?'  so I thought this would be a good way to answer the question and at the same time keep a chronology about the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and what I sense is going to be a comedy of errors!  So, when I get it together I'll post a link on here and if you are interested you can Click on over.  :)

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