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Friday, March 30, 2012

Shadow Falls

Shadow Falls ~ 6" x 9" Abstract, and very textured!  Abstracts are a new road for me.  I really enjoyed doing this ... and while there is still 'structure' to painting an abstract, it definitely has a sense of freedom about it.  In many of my collages I let the background 'tell me' what the finished piece should be.  Some backgrounds are just meant to be landscapes while others are just waiting for that 'WiseWalker' or one of my 'Sisters' to come alive.  So far, in the several abstracts I've done, when I've applied my mixed media 'findings' (in this case . . .  netting, paper towels, tissue paper and spackle) to the board, I haven't gone in with a plan.  I decided to just have fun and let the textures of the background dictate where I go.  It's sort of  like hiking a new trail where you get to enjoy the anticipation of what is just over the horizon . .  .

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