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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween from me and my 'Scare'crow

A couple of weeks ago my Landlord, who owns the Building where my new Studio.Gallery is, handed me an entry form for a Scarecrow Contest that the local Chamber was holding.  This was several days before each entry was due and I had out of town guests that whole week.  He thought it would be a good idea for me to participate because it would 'put me on the map' and as a new Business that could be very helpful.  (They were doing a map to hand out that showed where all the Scarecrows would be).   My company left Sunday afternoon and entries were due on Monday morning.  While I had a few days to think about it my time to actually get something done was pretty limited.   So, Sunday evening I was busy cutting out black foam-core in the shape of my 'Scare'crow.  Obviously, I couldn't just think normal Scarecrow ~ I had to be different.  (Different enough that I'm not sure most people understood why I was even calling it a 'Scare'crow  : / )   Did you ever notice that sometimes when you think outside of the Box you leave all the good ideas inside . . .?!   Well, below is my 'Scare'crow.  I guess we could just say he is . . .

  'Big Bird' dressed for Halloween as a Witch?!  :)  

My next door neighbor at my Studio is Horan Estates Winery.  They did 
'Millie Merlot' (she won Grand Champion out of 45 entries)  Thought you might like to see her too.  By the way, by the end of the second week of this Scarecrow Contest, Little Cashmere (pop. 3100)  had over 100 Scarecrow 'participants' .  Even though most did not make it in to the contest, people just decided to participate anyway.  Some of the entries were hilarious and if you are local, worth taking a drive out to see them while you still can.

Here's Millie . . .

May all the Ghosts and Goblins in your Life 
be ones that make you Smile.


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