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Friday, July 18, 2014


Busy, busy month between getting ready for my Show Opening at Angel Gallery and LOADS of company at 'Camp Dunmovin'  (In case you don't know about Camp Dunmovin' you can click  HERE  :)  Crazy, since for the first time in ?? we don't actually have an official home!  I think we've had more company in the past couple of months than we did the whole 3 1/2 years we were over in Wenatchee ~ and there we had a home that had an actual guest room!  : /   It's been fun though.  Crazy. But fun.  

Here are a few pieces from 'The Backside Series'  These are all smaller pieces ~ just 6" x 12"  Great for spots where you just want a small splash of color.  More information on these can be found HERE

 The Backside of Life:  Singing as She Goes

The Backside of Life:
             Summer Showers                    Rainy Days and Red Umbrellas

The Backside of Life:
Tomatoes from the Garden

Here are several New Jewelry Pieces that made it to the Gallery for the Show . . .

Alegria  (Joy)

Mchunba  (Sweetheart)

Moon Spice

For more information on these Pieces, and several other new ones, Please Click HERE

Hope Summer is being kind to you!

'Deep Summer is where Laziness finds Respectability . . .'
                             Sam Keen

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