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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


This is the City Park in Mullan where we are building our house (In Mullan.  Not the Park!  :).  All 1/2 block of it.  :)  Most of the Trees in the area are in the Pine family so we don't see a lot of color as the Season is changing.  That's one thing I do miss about living on the East Coast.  This time of year it's just a glorious splash of color.  Of course, in another month or so most of our trees will still be green and not dancing naked in the Falls winds . . .  :)

Things have been moving a lot faster this last month on our new home since the company that was building the outer shell of it has moved on.  That's a very good thing ~ their Time Management (or lack of) issues put us about 2 months behind where we should have been at this point.  It does mean though, that I have been spending a lot more time up at the property this month with some of our other Contractors.  Also needed to be there for some of our bigger deliveries ~ like the Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer, etc., etc. :)  These are currently sitting on our patio since we are so far behind on the inside.  The walls where they are to go are only studs at this point.  :/  So what that means, here and in the present, is that I have not gotten a lot of Studio time in the last few weeks ~ and that also means not a lot of new work to show you.  It's been difficult switching gears back and forth.  I constantly find myself, while in the Studio, thinking about what needs to be done at the house, and then while at the house, I'm thinking about the fact that I AM NOT IN THE STUDIO!  As the saying goes . . . You can't win for losing . . .  :)

Here is some of what I did manage to get done . . . 

KINSWAYA by Charleen Martin  ~  x


This is predominantly a blend of Gray Feldspar and Crazy Lace Agate.  You can find more information on this piece by Clicking on the Link below:

A Little Barn Yard Attitude  (14071) by Charleen Martin Acrylic ~ 4" x 4"


This is just a little guy ~ 4 x 4" and he comes with a Black Metal, Bamboo Style Stand for Display.  Those are the Kanji Symbols for Attitude up in the left.  I did this in a combination of Ink and Acrylic (used more like watercolor)  on a white wood panel.   I have a small set-up of Acrylics I can bring with me in our RV so I was experimenting up at the property while waiting for the electricians.  :)  For more information Please Click Below:


This is a blend of Brass and Batik-ed Bone Beads that are all from Africa.  It is complimented with Buri Nut Seeds (South America) and Patikan Wood  (Phillipines).  Fastens with an easy to open/close Toggle Clasp.


5 x 7"  Acrylic on Wood Panel.   Hmmm . . . talk about attitude!  :)  He comes framed and ready to hang.

For more information on this Piece, Please Click Here:

That's it for tonight.  If interested you can go to the Blog I am writing about all the escapades happening during the construction of our house.  It's been quite a ride so far!  You can find us at

'Today I'll be happier than a Bird . . . with a French fry.

'til next time . . .

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