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Thursday, September 29, 2016


I thought I would get my Blog in to the Spirit of Fall.  :) 
It's definitely different than my normal Black Background.  Let me know what you think!

~ Albert Camus


6 x 8" Acrylic on Wood Panel

More information on this Piece can be found HERE

This reminds me of our time living in Mount Vernon, WA.  It was predominantly all farming with miles of beautiful Tulip fields blooming in the Spring.  (It still is that way) 

Finalist Michael Brannan took this photo.
photo: Michael Brannan

We moved up there when our oldest daughter was in eighth grade.  At the end of the school year she came home and announced she wanted to go to work in the fields like the rest of her friends.  It seemed that most of the kids her age went to work rogueing spinach, picking beans or gathering bulbs out of the fields.  At 12, she was a year younger than most of her classmates but even at 13, I couldn't imagine her going to work in the fields.  As a New York City girl, work for me at that age was called 'babysitting'.   After much begging, pleading and our investigation, we relented.  Off she went the first day.  Her job was to walk the rows in the tulip fields and pick all the bulbs out of the dirt that had been loosened by the plows.  They got paid by the bulb.  If I remember correctly, it was 2 cents a bulb.  At the end of her first day her friends Mom dropped her off back at home. Covered in mud from head to toe, our daughter was literally unrecognizable.   One or two tears streaked down through the mud on her face and out came the statement "I don't want to go back!" 

After getting cleaned up, having dinner, and with things not looking quite as bad, we sat down and had a talk.  I explained how it cost money for companies to put you on a payroll and train you.  How, if she quit, they would then have to do the same thing all over again with another person.  That wasn't really fair to the company.  Her Dad and I said since she has made this commitment to the company we wanted her to stay for two weeks.  If, after the two weeks she still felt the same way, she could quit.  Besides the obvious moral to this story, I will tell you that at the end of the two weeks, and after having received her FIRST PAYCHECK, there was no longer a hint of her wanting to quit (even at 2 cents a bulb!)  It's always amazing what a little incentive can do!



Can you see the Eagles head just peering out from the clouds on the left? 
This is another one of those that if you look hard enough I'm sure a whole array of
animals would appear.


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