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Monday, October 24, 2016



I don't think this is quite what Phil Collins had in mind when he wrote his debut solo 'In the Air Tonight'.  In fact, after reading about it, the song was all about the anger he felt after a divorce from his first wife in 1979.  Amazing example of how channeling our emotions, even negative ones, can be put to work in such a positive way. 


12 x 12 Acrylic on Wood panel

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This is a little different for me.  The background, once again, was just a randomly painted background which sat for several weeks before deciding to add the tree.  Added the tree and the Moon and then it sat for a few more weeks before the barn and the Buck were added.  I have painted deer before but its been ? years.  Almost all the animals I've done in recent years have been Collage.  Way more whimsical.  This was a fun change.

And ... just in case you want to hear a little music here is the link to Phil Collins singing 'In the Air Tonight'    Phil Collins   (sorry, you'll have to skip the ad to get to this)



This Sunset was taken by our daughter from atop the Space Needle in Seattle.  I don't really see any 'shapes' in this one (ok. maybe a 'Goldfish' or two up there' :) but I do see the Skyline itself on fire, or ... is it more like a Tsunami of fiery waves starting to crest on the Horizon!  Can Supergirl stop them?!  O.K. I see at least a short story happening here.  Better go while I'm in the moment.

A little humor.  (And I do mean little.)  For some reason I could not get the photo below enlarged without distorting the whole thing so it was not readable! :/  A friend sent me this (Thank you Darlene!) and she thought we might enjoy it.  Just in case you can't read it, here it is ...

I wonder if clouds ever look down on us and say
"Look. That one is shaped like an Idiot!"

Your smile for today.  :)


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