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Saturday, November 12, 2016



I would like to say that I have been getting all kinds of Artwork done these last few weeks but that would be 'inaccurate'.  :)  I did get a few new pieces done but don't have them with me to post.  I'm currently on a short vacation so I thought I would share with you instead, some photos of our trip.  Now I know most people hate looking at other peoples vacation photos, but I promise, there are no humans in these.  I thought, for the Artists among you out there, there just might be a photo or two that you might find inspiring.  :)

If you do see something that you would like to paint, please feel free.  As  you will note, I do not make my income from my photography so I have no problem sharing.  If you do get a painting out of any of these, and you would like to share it, I would love to post it on here so the others can see it too.  :)

We were on our way to The Grand Staircase Escalante' National Monument (a part of Bryce Canyon National Park) when we took a wrong turn and found this beautiful place.  It's called Kodachrome National Park and it's a little off the beaten path.  When discovered, it was thought to be so photogenic that the government asked Kodak if it could use its name for the Park.  Obviously they gave their permission.

How do you like this pose?!  :)

It doesn't show up very well in this photo but, yes, that is a double Rainbow forming.

 The vast differences in the Rock Colorings in a small amount of space is just amazing.

Chimney Rock

 This reminds me of a great, old Wise Man standing guard over some Ancient Treasure

See you soon!


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