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Tuesday, September 5, 2017



So, these 5 Pieces were part of a Pouring experiment I did.  I used the same 6 colors for all 5 Pieces: Black, White, Red, Turquoise, Sand and Cream.  I used the colors for each 'Pour' in a different order.

For those of you that didn't see my Post from June 20th these are what are called a 'Dirty Pour'. Results just depend on the amount and order you pour the paint into the cup (All the paint goes into one cup, but not mixed, one color over another, and then that is applied to a canvas which is turned upside down, put over the top of the cup, and then the whole thing is flipped over.  You let it sit like that for a few minutes, gently remove the cup and let the paint spread over the canvas. : ) 

  The originals are all small 4 x 4" ~ 6 x 6".  

1.   6 x 6"

2.   4 x 4"

3.   4 x 4"

4.   4 x 4"

5.   6 x 6"

Interesting to see how they are all so different.  For the Artists out there, I used canvases that were supposed to be pre-gessoed (acrylic base for sealing the canvas) but, they really were poorly sealed.  Next time I will gesso again myself.   The paint would have flowed easier and the colors would be more intense.

Number 2 reminds me of an old fashioned Paisley print so I'm going to say that is my favorite.  :)

I was playing with these to see if I could come up with some fun backgrounds for some Bird paintings and/or Collages like this Collage below.  I had pre-sealed this canvas before the Pour and you can definitely see the difference in the intensity in the color.


6 X 6"  Mixed Media Collage
For more information on this Please Click HERE



I picked this photo because it looks like a 'Poured' Sky.  :)

(I wish I could give credit to the photographer but, sadly, I have no idea who it is.)  

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