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Thursday, August 22, 2019


I've been AWOL awhile due to a pretty significant move in our lives.  Idaho to Arizona.  From the land of 120 inches of snow in the winter to a 120 degrees of heat in the summer.  hmmn . . .  Well, fortunately I haven't actually experienced either myself, and hopefully don't intend to!  It will still be winters in Arizona and summers in Idaho for us.  We are just going to be doing a reverse Snowbird thing.  Our homebase will now be in Arizona and we will be RVing up in Idaho in the summer. 

We were totally unprepared for the ultra quick sale of our home so my Idaho 'studio' is all crammed into this little 5 x 8' red trailer.  It was JUST suppose to have my studio furniture and all my Art supplies. 

When I opened it to try to get to my supplies I found that a couple of  'extras' had been stuffed into the trailer on packing day.  :/ This chair and bookcase, a large 3-panel wood louvred screen, assorted totes with household goodies, and . . . my husbands chain saw.  (No, I'm not into tree stump carving . . yet.)  Some of it I could maybe understand, but the chainsaw was a puzzle.  It surprised my husband too, because that is not at all where he thought his chainsaw was!  Anyway, there is some definite straightening around in my little 'studio on wheels' before I can actually tackle a paintbrush, paint and canvas.  But, I will persevere! :)  (It will definitely be nice to get down to my 'real' studio in Ajo.)

Here are two pieces I don't think I have shared yet.


6 x 6 Acrylic over an Acrylic Pour


12 x 12 Acrylic over an Acrylic Pour



I love this sky.  The dark against the light, and that shot of white cloud that looks almost like lightening coming down and caressing the top of the hill.  But, most interesting, is the Pine tree.  That perfectly symmetrical shape, standing like a lone sentry guarding the darkness of those hills.

But wait.  Here they go trying to fool us again.  What Pine tree is ever that so symmetrical?  What Pine tree stands alone like that, towering over its cousins who already tower over everything else?  Oh yes, it's the 'Cell Pine'!  I applaud the effort, but do think they could have been just a wee more creative in dressing this 'tree', and the many others around like it.  The beauty of nature is in its imperfections.  

There is beauty and humility in imperfection.
~  guillermo del toro

See you soon!

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