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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I don't know how it is where you are, but I woke up to snow this morning.  Not much, but enough that the grass was white and the puddles from the rain yesterday were covered with ice.  Not what you would expect from the 3rd week in April.  Of course, I am back in Northern Idaho  (this week!) so it is a little cooler here than over in Wenatchee where my husband is enjoying warmer temperatures and a little more sun.  

It has been a crazy month to say the least.  Last I wrote we had (unexpectedly) sold the house.  I know, you put your house on the market  ~ isn't that what you want to happen?!  But we just thought for sure it would take a lot longer than it did.  Wrong.  But we did manage to find a 'little' apartment in Wallace, Idaho, which is not too far from our property.  By little I mean that, besides the apartment, we have 2 more storage units filled to the brim with most of our furniture and belongings.  The apartment is comfy, and I think you could even say 'cozy'.  But, this at least gave me a place to set up my studio.  :)  So, for now, we are both taking turns commuting back and forth between Wallace and Wenatchee (the W's).  This is my week in Wallace.  Next week I'll be in Wenatchee for a small show I have opening on Friday, May 2nd showcasing my Jewelry.  

Wallace is a place of Beautiful old Doors with lots of leaded Glass  . . .

and also just 'old doors'  :)

            A little bit of trivia . . . Wallace is where the movie 'Dante's Peak' (with Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton) was filmed.

In between the packing, moving, partially unpacking, and setting up of my Studio, we also had to go back over to Wenatchee and dismantle my Studio.Gallery in Cashmere.  I hated to have to do that.  I wasn't there that long, but I did make some nice Friends while there.  Of course, how do you not make friends when the Businesses all around you are hosting Wine Tastings all day long!  

Once I got my Studio set up I started working on pieces for Entree Gallery in Nordman, Idaho.  They will be opening for the Season on Mothers Day weekend and my work is due up there this Friday.  On Saturday I will start working on some new Jewelry pieces for my Show.  I don't have any Jewelry to show on this Blog but should have some new pieces by the beginning of the week.

This is one of the new pieces that will be heading to Entree Gallery . . .

Sharing the Bench

14 x 14 Mixed Media Collage on Cradled Wood Panel
Sides are finished and comes ready to hang.

For more information on this piece Please Click Here

I think the Gallery situation in Wallace is somewhat . . . how can I best describe it  . . . 'creative?'  :)

  Happy April!

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