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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Either someone has started celebrating the wearing o' the Green a little early, or my husband and I REALLY don't plan things very well!  Sad to say I'm pretty sure it's the latter . . .   We put our House up for sale and thought it would take quite a while to sell since we're in an 'Adult Neighborhood' with lots of rules, regulations, covenants and short dogs (One of the rules is that dogs can't be over 18" high ~ don't ask us what we were thinking when we bought here ~ it all seemed workable at the time).  We thought most of our potential Buyers would be 'snow-birding' it until sometime in April.  We never thought that the first people through the house would make an offer, we would accept, and that we have to be out in 30 days (now down to 17!)  With. no. place. to. go.   We can't even start building our new place until July.  The snow is still several feet high!  So now we are in the throes of packing, storing AND looking for a temporary place to live.  Not so easy in these days of 'a minimum years lease' in order to rent a place.  Life has become very interesting to say the least and the garage on our new property is becoming quite full! 

This Trailer is filled with Patio furniture and yard goodies

And this little Trailer is filled with Garage 'stuff'!
And, even after 3 trips to Idaho, most of the House is still in the House . . .

In between, I have been still trying to work (concentration at this point is almost non existent) because I have an upcoming Gallery due date of April 15th.  Remember, my Painting Studio is in my home . . . so that of course will be the very last thing packed.  And, it will be the very first thing unpacked.  We just don't know where yet!  

I have managed to get a few new pieces done even with all this going on.  Yes, there have been a few very late nights!  

Sisters.  Friends.  Secret Keepers.

To get more information on this piece Please Click Here.

There are also a few more that I showed in my last Newsletter and if interested you can Click  HERE, and HERE,  to see them.  


That's a beautiful shade of Green Line Jasper along with New Jade, African Trade Beads and Brass Heishi.
For more information on Olivia Please Click HERE

I have 2 more paintings in process which I should have ready for my next Newsletter which I hope to have out the beginning of next week.  

For those of you in the area, I have temporarily closed my Cashmere Studio.Gallery (I design my Jewelry there, the Paintings are done here at home)  ~ at least until after move at the end of this month.  After that, we'll have to see where all this takes us.  :)

In the meantime,  Happy St. Patricks Day to you all!  And remember, as you are out there looking for those Four Leaf Clovers, 'Luck, is all about believing you are Lucky'  ~ Tennessee Williams

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