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Monday, February 24, 2014

And, so it goes . . .

If you received this Post ~ I apologize.  My Blog is telling me this wasn't published.  It seems that there are some problems with Internet Explorer and publishing Blogs.  In researching I found I wasn't the only one having this problem and it was suggested I switch to Google Chrome to be able to publish.  So . . . I'm now on Google Chrome and giving this another shot!

Since I missed Valentines Day do I start early and say 'Happy St. Patricks Day!'  ??  :)  Just a little over 3 weeks and we'll be thinking Green and . . . hopefully Spring.  I did manage to get a post done on Facebook though to welcome in the 'Year of the Horse'  This is a Collage I did of 4 of my Horse 'Collages' :) that are shown on my website. . .

I've fallen behind in everything due to the fact that I'm trying to pack, work AND keep the House neat and clean simultaneously.   Having your Home up for sale is never fun since you don't know when you might get 'the call'.  "We have someone interested in seeing your home ~ would we be able to come over this morning?"  In other words ~ "We'll be there in an hour, please be gone ~ take the pets with you, have the house spotless, all the lights on, cookies in the oven, Pet bowls hidden, and the family pictures stuffed in drawers.  My husband is a day sleeper so we get to throw that into the equation just for laughs.  And that . . . can be very amusing! : / 

Actually, our Realtor is very professional and easy to work with.  That does make the whole process so much easier.  But still, I have had to do quite a bit of early packing to 'simplify' the house (I REFUSE to say de-clutter because I do not believe all my 'stuff' is clutter, but that seems to be the current term used for sterilizing your home so it looks good to the potential buyers.)  How did they ever sell a house before all this 'de-cluttering' was done?!  I will admit, we did take 2 small trailer loads up to store in our garage on the new property and, quite honestly, more could go.  I'm just not sure how much more I am willing to part with at the moment.  After all, we could be here quite a bit longer.  It is amazing though, how much one can accumulate in such a short time.  For all of my married life I've averaged a move every 3.5 years and it amazes me each time I go to pack, just how much we have managed to accumulate . . . again.  But, the good thing is, I've moved so often that all my boxes now know how to unpack, and put themselves away.  It at least makes that part easier.  :)

I do need to catch up on my work so I just think more packing is going to have to wait a while. Unfortunately the boxes haven't learned how to do that part yet.

One of my Necklaces recently finished:


That's a carved Clay Focal in the middle and it really stands out nicely on this piece in real life.  Simple but striking.  For more information on this piece please Click Here

I recently made two of my Little Sisters pieces into NoteCards which can also be found on my Website HERE


I just finished two larger Collages which could be hung singularly or as a diptych.  I have to get my February Newsletter out in the next day or two so will probably show those there.  If you haven't signed up for my Newsletter you can do so HERE.

And, just for fun . . .

Down by Mulligans Creek
5" x 7" Acrylic on Wood panel.
For more information on this please Click Here

OK.  Need to get to work.  We had our first official showing this morning (No, no feedback yet...) so we had to vacate for a couple of hours.  Yes, did take the dog but no, didn't bake the Cookies.  I cheated and lit a Vanilla Caramel Candle (it really did smell yummy!) for a while before we left.  :)

Have a great Week!


  1. Love all your new work. It's wild the new standards for house sales. I felt like I was living in a hotel. Even put the cats in carriers and left. Luckily we got 3 offers in a week.

    1. Hi Susan... Thank you! And yes, it is. Puts a lot more responsibility on the home owners. Three offers in a week is great - did it make you wonder if the price was too low !? : / we''ve had great response so far too - hope it continues. Have a great week!

  2. nice paintings!! love the horse paintings!