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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

'CONTEMPLATE . . . WHAT ?' Mixed Media Collage from the Studio of Charleen Martin

14 x 14" Mixed Media Collage on cradled Ampersand.
Acrylic, Paper, Gold Leaf
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This is my Day 29 entry in the '30 Paintings in 30 Day Challenge'  This took me more than a day to complete so I worked on it along with smaller pieces for the Challenge.  I came away from the Challenge knowing that I will NOT participate in another one.  For some reason I found out that my brain goes into overload on something like that  :/  Should be simple but . . .  
I wrote more about the 'why not' in my Monthly Newsletter that just went out today.  If you are interested in reading my thoughts, and don't already receive my Newsletter, you can click HERE to go to todays letter..
I'm just going to post 2 small Abstracts that I did as part of the  Challenge.  The first one is another little 4 x 4" entitled  'Little Mesa' 
This comes with a small Black Bamboo style easel for Display.  For more information on this piece Please Click Here.
This next one is a little larger at 6 x 9"  . . .
This comes framed in a nice Matte Black 1.5" deep Metal Frame all ready to hang.  (It looks much better in person.  Here it looks like the Texture just gets in the way but in reality it really enhances the deep Colors.)
For more information Please Click Here.
These are two new pieces I also included in my Newsletter.  I'm just going to refer you HERE for more information.  I've been at the computer all day and my eyes are about to go on strike!  This will give you information on these two pieces plus several more new ones.
Thanks for following my work and . . . my ramblings!
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  1. Really like your painting. It has a nice design and is fun to look at. Very nice!

  2. Charleen - congrats on the move and your 30'n30. I love your work and your writing! I agree the "figuring out what to do process" is the hardest. What's fun for me, is a chance to stop trying to figure it all out and just do something spontaneous. This time I'll admit was more about getting paintings for sale, but love being challenged and out of my comfort zone - mostly due to the limited time and relentless timeline. To see some of those stress paintings sell, is a huge delight!

  3. Congratulations on finishing the challenge!

    Your birds are sooooooo fun. My favorite is the red-winged blackbird since I was a little girl...and your designs/paintings took me back to those happy memories. Thank you for that....

    1. Hi Angeline . . . Thank you very much for your nice comments. And you are Welcome . . . if I can bring a smile or even better yet, spark a happy memory, then it makes doing what I do just that much better! Thank you too for signing up to receive my Newsletter. I hope you enjoy them.
      Best Regards, Charleen