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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


We had a tiny, little baby snow here last night.  Almost embarrassed to say it snowed compared to what is going on over in the Midwest and East Coast. I grew up in New York (in the city and then on Long Island and then back to the city when I got married) and we always had 'Snow days' (no school) when I was growing up there.  Winters with lots of snow seemed to be the norm then.   My parents bought a house out on Long Island in a development of all the same houses.  The floor plans were the same in every house but you could make a few changes to make them 'your own'.  My Parents opted for a Gable roof instead of the 'comes with' Mansard roof which was so popular then.  They also put in a Fireplace which was an extra.  That Fireplace kept 3 families warm during a Blizzard we had one year when the power went out for almost a week.  A huge Sleepover (a total of seven children and 6 adults) and no school for 4 days.  By the time it was all over I'm sure the other two families were wishing they had thought to add fireplaces when building . . . and I'm sure my Father was thinking the same thing! :)

I signed up to do Leslie Saeta's '30 Paintings in 30 days' Challenge again.  This time I hope to be able to keep up a wee bit better than last time. So far I am right on.  Below are a few pieces that I've done for the challenge.  These are all just tiny paintings ~ 4" x 4".  I thought that would be easiest since I still need time to work on my larger Collages/Paintings and my Jewelry.  These all come with a nice Black, Bamboo Style Easel for Display.  I'll show one on an Easel. 

The Peace Rose
4 x 4" Acrylic on panel with Stand
Day One: I started off with a Collage the first day.  I did one the second day too and then switched over to painting.  Decided I might like that better for such a small format.  Although, I had a Greeting card company for years and all the designs (3-dimensional Collage) had to fit in to a 4 x 5" area so you would think I would be use to that format. : /
A Few Stems
Day Three:  I love Geraniums and had recently done another small piece to show in my Studio.Gallery.  That one had quite a few more stems.  That sold right away so decided to do another for this Challenge.  I posted it on to the main Challenge page which allows you to also post to Facebook at the same time.  It wasn't on there an hour when I was notified that it had sold.   And actually, the person that bought it is a friend I have not seen for many years.  She saw it come through on Facebook and knew she had to have it!   It was such a treat to get the notification that 'A Few Stems' had sold and then see her name attached to the purchase.  :)
One Tree Hill
4 x 4" Acrylic on Wood Panel
Day Eight:  This is todays entry for the Challenge.   A little more abstract and a little more color.  :)  I'm not going to put all eight on here.  If you want to see any of the others or get more information on these three pieces just Click here to go to my Website.  
If you would like to see some of the other work by Artists in the Challenge just Click Here.
I've also managed to get a few new Necklaces done since my last Blog.  Below are two pieces recently finished.
KAYA  (14002)
Mossy Agate with Pyrite, Antique Pewter Spacers and Pewter Focal. 
Closes with an easy to open/close Toggle Clasp.       
For more information you can Click Here     
By the Stream  (14001)
Matte Wild Horse Jasper, African Trade Beads, and Brass Heishi.  
Closes with an easy to open/close Toggle Clasp.     Because the Stones are matte, this is a very striking, but subtle piece.  
For more information you can Click Here.
I've also managed to get a few backgrounds done for larger paintings.  And, that's exactly where I am going now . . . into the Studio to work on them!
The Best of Health and Good Wishes to you all in this coming year. 
Thank you for your support and Good Wishes and being part of my life.  I appreciate being part  of yours even if it is just you taking the time to read my Blog or my Newsletter (or both!)  As many of you know, as an Artist, even the slightest bit of support can make a major difference in what we do.  Actually, I guess that holds true for all of us in everything we do . . .

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