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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Actually, we are on Day 16 in the '30 in 30' Day Challenge.  So far I've only missed one day ~ we were out of town over one weekend.  We drove 4.5 hours from cold and sunny to this:

We (very) recently purchased property back in North Idaho with the plan of building and eventually moving back there.  The only thing on the property at the moment (besides the snow) is this old, pale green garage which is in very sad shape.  So sad that it doesn't even have a front garage door anymore. :(   So . . .  the trailer you see has the 'necessities' in it to at least put a temporary fix up until the weather warms up and we can start to give this old guy a second shot at life.  Under normal winter conditions there actually should be a couple of feet more of snow by now.   The winter has been so mild here in the Northwest though that snow is at a premium.  We have a little more snow on our property than the neighbors because the City Plow Trucks have scooted all the street snow onto two sides of our property because there is no house on it.  :(  That, of course, means that it will just take us a little longer to actually get on to our property in early Spring . . .
I Feel Like I'm being Followed
4" x 4" Acrylic on Wood Panel with Display Easel
For more information on this piece Please Click Here
We finished week two a couple of days ago.  I knew I had the missing day but when I went back to see what I had posted on what days, I found that I posted the same piece twice on 2 different days  : /  OK . . . I know I have a few cracks in the old brain cement starting to edge their way in, I just didn't realize I was getting THAT bad!  I guess that's what happens though when you paint a couple of pieces ahead (allowed) and then can't remember what you posted when.  I do have to say that what I have found with this challenge is, that while the discipline of getting into the Studio everyday is great, I'm not necessarily painting my best.  (Did I just say that out loud?)  :/  Oh well . . . maybe it's good therapy!  :)  Instead of doing what I like to do, and letting the ideas come naturally, I feel like I'm forcing myself to come up with 'something' everyday.  Something that will take me just a little while, so I can then get back to doing 'what I like to do.'  Part of it too, is probably the 4" format that I chose to work on for the challenge.  I feel like I immediately limited myself to what I could do.  I could change the format and go a little larger but I'm not sure that would solve 'my' problem.  The main part of the challenge was to just get into the Studio, paint and have fun so . . . I made the decision to paint everyday but not necessarily strive to finish any one piece.  Whew!  Pressure off!  :)
Below is what I worked on today.  I had the background complete and the chalk drawing done.  I inked in the drawing just a bit ago and will start on the flowers when I am done here.  I need to get a January Newsletter out soon and hope to have this done to include.
 as yet, untitled . . .
Here's a new Necklace recently done :
Mojito  (14006)
Blue Jade (dyed), Vinyl Heishi (Kenya), Aluminum (Kenya), Hand-painted Recycled Krobo Glass (Ghana), and African 'White Heart' Beads.  Fastens with an easy to open/close Toggle Clasp.  For more information on this piece Please Click Here.
(I did try to enlarge the last two photos but for some reason either Blogger or my computer won't let it happen . . .  )
"I must have a prodigious quantity of mind;
it takes me as much as a week sometimes to make it up."
              ~  Mark Twain
Have a great week!

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