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Thursday, December 10, 2015


Most times when I drive by an abandoned home or business I often think to myself  "I wonder whose dream that was? What were they like?  What did they envision?  What made them give up on it? Was it a dream fulfilled or a dream lost?"  Answers I'll never know but interesting to think about.  Interesting to make up my own stories.  

This is from a photo I saw.  It immediately caught my attention and the house made me think of dreams now gone.   I changed a few things but hopefully still kept the feeling of what once was ...


5 x 7" Acrylic on Wood Panel

For more information on this Piece Please Click HERE

My head is in the clouds . . .

If you read my second post on Las Vegas you will remember that I posted several Cloud photos I took.  I love Clouds and, as a child, like most of you I'm sure, had fun finding all kinds of wonderful things up there in the sky.  We've had some storms here in the last week and some of the Cloud formations have been stunning.  I had this crazy idea and thought it might be fun to post a Cloud photo each time I do a Post.  If you are familar with the Blog 'The Accidental Artist' (Carrie Jacobsen ~ a very good Palette knife Artist.) then you know she posts a 'Dog of the Day' at the end of each of her Blogs.  Well, obviously I'm not going to do a Dog of the day ~ that idea is taken.  So, I thought a cloud of the day might work and you can have fun seeing what you see. (Or not! :)  Maybe they'll just be inspiration.  So here is the first one and, would you believe it ... I see a Dog!  :)  A Golden Retriever to be exact.  (Sorry, couldn't help myself, but he was right there!!)  Can you find it?

“Some dreams fade away like a current in a stream. Others burn like a light that won't burn out no matter what life throws at you. That's when a dream turns itself into a vision and a true vision won't die”     ~ Scott Coner


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